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Condolence Letters From Prominent Leaders
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Condolence Letters From Master Tara Singh, Sikh Leader
Written To Shaheed Nanak Singh's Father Dr Wazir Singh

English Translation 

Amritsar, 29 March 1947

Dear Brother, 

I am deeply struck and saddened on hearing of the martyrdom of Sardar Nanak Singh. At the same time the news came as a reassurance that such supreme sacrifices have been providing the way forward for the Panth. I am convinced that this martyrdom, too, will strengthen the foundations of the Panth.  I am sure you have been struck by grief but I hope that like a true Gursikh and accepting the will of God, you will thank him for giving your son such a high position. 

Postal services have remained suspended for a few days. Then I had to go away. I returned yesterday and today I recalled Sardar Nanak Singh who was a total embodiment of love and devotion for the Panth as this son of yours. 

The only regret I have is that this Gursikh, who was ever ready for Martyrdom, has been taken away by the Almighty before showing his full brilliance.  We must submit to His Will.

I am the humble adorer of yours and of martyr brother Nanak Singh.

Sd: Tara Singh (Master)

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Dated 15 March 1947 addressed to Dr Wazir Singh Ji, Mian, Channu (Multan)

English Translation

The news of unique martyrdom of Sardar Nanak Singh Ji had already come here before we received your painful letter. Sardar Sahib’s body has been sacrificed for the Panth. His sacred blood will  greatly nourish and further strengthen the Panth.

Shiromani Akali Dal expresses their full sympathy with you and the bereaved family.

Sd: Shadi Singh, Secretary, Shiromani Akali Dal, Sri Amritsar


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Dated 22 March 1947

English Translation

Respected Dr. Wazir Singh Ji, Retired Sub Assistant Surgeon, c/o Dr. Sahib Singh Ji, Mian Channu, Dist. Multan

Respected Sir,

 We have received your letter of 12th inst. The entire leadership of Shiromany Akali Dal mourns the matyrdom of Sardar Nanak Singh Ji with deeply felt grief. It is an irreparable loss. May God grant the departed soul place at His feet and give the bereaved family the strength to bear the loss.

Please spare no effort to trace the people involved in this dastardly crime and forward their name and addresses to us to enable us to take steps for a thorough investigation of the case.

Sd: Shadi Singh, Secretary


S. Swaran Singh Later Became The Foreign Secretary Of India.

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English Translation

1, BROMHEAD ROAD  LAHORE                                                         19.3.1947

Dear Doctor Wazir Singh ji,

Sat Sri Akal,

Sardar Nanak Singh’s martyrdom and to sacrifice his life like a man will always outshine like a diamond in the Sikh history. May God almighty bless you and the family with strength to bear the loss and give place to the departed soul at His feet. The whole community has sympathy with your personal loss.

Yours Truly,

Swaran Singh

Resolutions Passed By Various Organisations After The Tragic Maytrdom Of Shaheed Nanak Singh

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Resolution By The Shironani Akali Dal

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Sri Guru Singh Saba Multan City

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Bar Association, Multan

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