Shaheed Sardar Nanak Singh  


Third SNS Memorial Lecture

4th SNS Lecture

5th SNS Lecture

"India's unity and diversity are like the colours of a rainbow. If one were removed, its charm and beauty would be diminished". : - Shaheed Nanak Singh

Mission Statement:

To work in unity with all communities within the United Kingdom whilst respecting their cultural ethnicity and religious beliefs in order to overcome barriers, promote greater social cohesion and responsibility, and create wealth for the improvement of everyone.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. Promote a fuller participation in our social, political and economic life so that there is a recognised connection with, and a stake in the United Kingdom.
  2. Support, honour and acknowledge all those who work for inter faith tolerance and community cohesion.
  3. Use trade to overcome barriers between communities, promote mutual respect, trust and interdependency. 

Dilip Joshi, MBE, FCILT, FRSA

Alok Mitra FCA
Secretary General

Uday Bhatt MSP